WWR is steel reinforcement that saves time and money in concrete construction.

Learn how to design and construct with WWR. Site resources include:

For further training, a professional development training course on design basics is available at Purdue University.

WWR industry

The WWR industry can furnish a greater variety of wire sizes and spacing than what many are aware of, and areas of steel can match the design professional’s requirements more accurately. Wire reinforcement or wire fabric is an economical and viable option for concrete reinforcement. Most WWR suppliers produce wire sizes up to W or D 20 (1/2” diameter) and some have the capability to produce W or D 31 (5/8” diameter) and even W or D 45 (3/4” diameter). The typical range of spacing--2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 16 & 18 inches. Sheets of WWR reinforcement have been furnished with 24-, 36-, 48- and even 60-inch spacing. It depends on the application and the size of wires specified. Call WRI member producers for their ability to meet your specific reinforcement needs.